Presentations from the Nordic Forum for Wind Energy Research rf Seminar/Webinar

Here you can find descriptions of the presentations that was held at the seminar: Seminar presentation descriptions

Here you can download the presentations:

WindCoE and NFWER – Niklas Frände, Novia UAS, FInland

How weather is affecting acoustic propagation in cold climate regions – Kendall Rutledge, Novia UAS, Finland

Wind Turbine Icing – Progress and Challenges – Muhammad S Virk, University of Tromsø

Statistical learning in wind power production and weather prediction – Jun Yu, Umeå University

Atmospheric modelling and weather forecasting for cold climate regions – Ricardo Fonseca, Luleå University of Technology

The Logic of Information & Process in Systems-of-Systems – Mats Johansson & Patrik Eklund, Umeå University

Wind turbine noise characteristics – Infrasound and amplitude modulation – Petri Välisuo, University of Vaasa


New association started

The association Nordic Forum for Wind Energy Research rf was registered on the 21:th of February 2018. The purpose of the association is to support the sustainable development of renewable energy development in the Nordic region. The association does so by upholding a information network with members from society, government and industry.